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    April 16, 2009



    Thanks for the Q&A. But let's assume we have two licenses in our company of an Autodesk Product with two different serial numbers. We want to export/import them between computers. Should we install two versions of the same product on each computer (with different serial numbers) in order to meet the requirement of serial number matching in source/destination computers? Don't you think it's a bit sick?

    Autodesk becomes a real pain in... when it comes to licensing. You make it more difficult to legal owners dispite your program being pirated straight away anyway.

    R.K. McSwain

    This is great info. Thanks for posting.

    Tom Stoeckel

    legal_autodesk_product_user: I don't understand why you would want to do what you are describing in the first place? If you have two licenses of the same product – each installed on a different machine – there is no point in exporting the license from one machine and importing to the other. The products are the same and the licenses are already activated on each machine.

    The situation where you would want to do this is if you owned a single license of a product and needed to be able to run that product from multiple machines.


    I'm sorry, I didn't express myself clearly.

    You're right, with only two machines and two licenses it's obvious that you don't need to exchange the licenses. The problem is that we have more than two computers and two licenses of software needed quite often on different computers. That is why we transfer licenses.

    The easiest way would be (and it was before Autodesk acquired this specific software) a HASP USB stick or similar to move licenses. It was easy and simple. Now it's frustrating and time consuming. Well done Autodesk!

    Please, don't tell me about the network license, as this nice possibility cost almost a quarter of the software initial price (per license of course). In my country you call it a ripoff.

    What I don't understand is the policy of Autodesk regarding licensing. If somebody wants to use your software illegally, they would do it and wouldn't even care about your protection. Unfortunately legal owners are left with these silly activations, broken licenses because of the Portable License Utility malfunction, contacting EMEA each time something happens etc.

    Let's hope one day some bright mind in Autodesk will figure out that this is not the right way...



    Thanks for the Q and A. But it has left me feeling depressed.

    I really feel that transferring licenses should not depend on having an Internet connection. The USB stick is far more reliable and convenient.

    In my office Internet connections are restricted to fixed times so license transfer requires special authorization from the IT admin. As it is we CAD guys are seen as a hassle by IT. The previous Portable License Utility may not have been perfect but it did an excellent job and reliably.

    The Online transfer thing could have been an alternative if licenses need to be transferred to remote sites where sending a stick is an issue.

    I seriously think Autodesk should consider reinstating PLU as the Network only transfer does seem to be a Autodesk control issue.

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