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    June 15, 2009



    Can the same be done with Dwg True View 2010?

    R.K. McSwain

    Would it be fair to say that if you install DWG Trueview 2010 and all of it's dependencies, that you can simply run the Design Review .MSI file in silent mode and that would be sufficient? Thanks.


    For me the download & save page doesn't work at all. After selecting an option it briefly opens a new window which immediately closes (without any download). Why not a right-click save target link?

    IE8 with pop-up blocker turned off

    Dan Scales

    the mini guy/
    It is possible to do this with TrueView 2010, although it is a little more complicated. You need to download TrueView and then extract the EXE file which will allow you access to the MSI file. The EXE file cannot be extracted using WinZIP so you will need to find an alternative utility.

    R.K. McSwain/
    Installing in silent mode after installing TrueView 2010, should work although it isn't something that I have actually tried.

    Which download are you having trouble with?

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