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    July 08, 2009



    The timing with which the CER arrives is damn near perfect. Just as your disbelief turns into angry, and before it dissipates into resignation, up pops our little friend!

    Swearing, fury and vitriol are valid manifestations of potent draughtsman's energy that has been momentarily confounded by that awful moment when AutoCAD suddenly goes all quiet and thoughtful for a second or two ("maybe it's just thinking about something? Please....oh ffs")just before falling over at just the wrong moment i.e. at all.

    Mind you, if it never crashes, you're just not trying hard enough!

    Be grateful you only get the swearing, and don't have to witness the clenched grinding teeth, the tears, and damaged keyboard as you attempt to poke each letter clean through the desk as you type out a step-by-step route to your latest disaster.


    When you log a great report & then you crash 50 more times for the same problem, are you still expected to write the full explanation out each time? Or is it ok to write "same as late time", wont the CER report have the name of the same user?

    Tom Stoeckel

    If you are experiencing multiple crashes for the same thing, they should end up in the same CER bucket. Unless the steps leading up to the crash are different, I think it's fine to reference a previous CER in your comments, i.e., "Same steps to repro as 26740523".

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