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    December 07, 2009


    Scott McFarlane

    It was great to see you again, as usual. I though it was a great conference, and I agree that despite the lower attendance, the energy was still there. Already looking forward to next year!

    dave espinosa-aguilar

    hi Tom! it was great to get in some visits with you again this year (and to see you in action in the Powertracks - i always learn valuable stuff in your courses). i liked the smaller attendence at AU this year. for me it made the classes more intimate and the pace of the event less furious and hectic. most folks i spoke with said they thoroughly enjoyed the event. by the way i loved the new (old) Brian Regan material you pointed me to. had a chance to listen to it all on the planes home and couldn't stop laughing. am also starting to get hooked on the music you pointed me to... very addictive! have a safe and relaxing holiday season and hoping you'll be able to keep up the great work you're doing here on this blog. it's a weekly ritual for me these days to drop in on it. see you at AU next year if not sooner!

    R. Robert Bell

    I thought it was sort of refreshing to have a somewhat smaller event since it made it easier to see and visit with friends, including you, this year. However, I did miss others that were unable to attend due to the economy. The networking is the best part of the event, IMHO.

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