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    May 18, 2010


    Nursing tops

    i got this error message too. *sigh*
    but not anymore, thanks for this informative post! honestly, i really appreciate it. thanks!

    Steve Johnson

    Thank you for the information. It's a shame that any Autodesk product still relies on specific browsers. I have no option but to use awful old IE6 in the corporate environment here, and won't use IEanything at home.

    So I can't use Design Review 2011 and since installing AutoCAD 2011 have discovered that Design Review 2010 is broken. The first DWG I open goes in DR2010 through the usual opening motions and then gives me an error "The current installation of AutoCAD has been modified. Please reinstall the latest version of AutoCAD to open DWG files in Design Review." After that, opening a second drawing just locks up DR2010 and it needs to have the process killed.

    Any clues? Is it impossible to have a working Design Review on a system with both IE6 and AutoCAD 2011 installed?

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