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    January 27, 2011


    Angel Espinoza

    Aside from most of what you mention I frequently use Maps (built-it), Google Earth, The Google app (I like it more than using Safari), Dropbox, Dragon Dictation, Note Taker HD, and Skype.

    Thanks for this post. I will be looking into those apps above that I do not use.

    Dean Saadallah

    Tools to add to your list oof apps: CamScanner Free (turn the camera into a PDF document scanner), FileViewer USB FREE (transfer files using iTunes, and view many file formats to boot), neu.Annotate PDF (Read, markup, redline, and annotate PDFs), HP iPrint Photo (print to a wireless HP inkjet printer), TeamViewer or LogMeIn Ignition (access your desktop or network from anywhere wirelessly), and Free Wi-Fi Finder (after all, there is only so much you can do with 3G).

    Account Deleted

    iPad has become more popular in these days. In order to get more response for your iPad apps, the developers must design them such that it is unique from the existing apps.


    I said the same about the original iPhone, even saying "not myPhone", then purchased a 3GS :)
    I still feel this about the iPad but would get one in a flash (sic) if it could do tablet PC like ink. To me a pad you can not write & sketch on is not a pad. It's a keyboard less computer.

    Tom Stoeckel

    There are lots of drawing apps for the iPad. Check out Sketchbook, Penultimate, and Noteshelf to name just a couple. At Macworld I saw a hand-writing recognition app that translated gestures into typed letters, similar to how the old Palm OS used to work. I think the app was WritePad by PhatWare.

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